Deus Ex

BioMod is an extension of Y|yukichigai's excellent Shifter mod for Deus Ex.  While I still think Shifter is a definite improvement over the original game,  I sometimes felt while playing it that it was too conservative for my tastes.  Eventually I decided to make my own mod which would contain some radical changes that might give some people pause, but would hopefully breathe new life into the game for everyone else.

As the name suggests, BioMod is primarily concerned with Deus Ex's augmentations, with the aim of making them more balanced, but also a lot easier to manage.  Most augs are now automated, using energy only when they're actually doing their jobs.  Some augs that were less useful or that would be a pain to manage have been made free or given extra abilities, while those that I thought were un-salvageable have been replaced with entirely new augs. 

In addition to the augmentation system, BioMod also makes some general gameplay changes, such as the addition of pickpocketing, an autosave feature, achievement-like challenges, and a Thief style ledge grabbing system.

Fallout 3

Sprint Mod
In the vanilla Fallout 3 game, the player's run speed is limited to a painfully slow jog.  I wanted to find some way of increasing the player's speed without upsetting the balance of the gameplay too much. This mod, inspired by the ubiquitous feature in modern shooters such as the Call of Duty series, is my solution.

My goal with Sprint Mod was to have it integrate as seamlessly with the game as possible, as if sprinting was a feature that shipped with the original game, with very little to remind the player that they're using a third party mod.

To fit in with Fallout 3's RPG gameplay, sprint speed is determined by the player character's stats, and the amount of time a character can sprint for is based on their action points.  The use of action points also allows me to balance sprinting in respect to the original game.  Players can use the increased speed to run to safety, or to gain a tactical advantage in battle, but at the expense of AP, the resource used by the game's famous VATS system.  In this way, sprinting adds to the existing gameplay rather than replacing it.  I've also done a lot of tweaking to ensure that, regardless of a player character's stats, sprinting "feels right", without being too much or too little of an advantage.

Sprint Mod also contains advanced features such as field of view shifts, head bobbing, custom control mapping, and a "tackle" feature which enables players to knock enemies over by sprinting into them.  Despite all this, I think I've stayed true to my original goal; Sprint Mod appears very lightweight to the player, being as unobtrusive and simple to use as possible.
Slower Backpedaling
Based on the scripts from my Sprint Mod, Slower Backpedaling adds a little bit of depth to the combat in Fallout 3.  The player's speed is reduced when moving backwards, forcing them to decide whether to turn tail and run, or stand their ground and fight.
Achievements For All
Sprint Mod, as well as many other excellent Fallout 3 mods, requires the Fallout Script Extender (FOSE) for all of its features to work.  FOSE is, unfortunately, incompatible with Games For Windows Live.  This means that players using FOSE cannot earn achievements, which was a common complaint leveled against it.

Achievements For All allows players to earn achievements while playing with FOSE active, then turn them in for official GFW credit later.